Wednesday, March 16, 2011

All's not lost in a world of hidden beauty

For the past few months, I have captured several hidden beauties of life. Some may think of me as hyperimaginative, but I truly believe life brings forth its essence in the strangest of places, in the weirdest of times. And the only way to capture those moments are to immortalise them in pictures because a pictures dipicts a thousand emotions, and a picture glorifies the work of the unknown.

Captured at a wall in a carpark near Lorong Ah Soo (opposite of PLMGS)
What do you see?

Kinda looks like a little terrier dog to me.

Captured at Udders Ice Cream cafe at Bukit Batok Westmall
What do you see?

Reminds me of a fortune pig!! Or a fortune boar!!

Captured en route to Robertson Quay, shot taken along the pathway just outside of Clarke Quay Central.

Nothing much to see, but one of the most beautiful places to view the soft beating rays of our sunset.

Captured at TCC Cafe near CentrePoint at Orchard.

Supposed one of the best coffees in the world, first introduced to me by my friend bear bear, and it's my second try with my gf. Blue Mountain Coffee, from Jamaica it seems, the only coffee I've ever tried that doesnt leave a strong aftertaste. Mild and smooth, bitter but light on the tongue. Fragrant, taste like coffee (duh) with every sip, but doesnt remind you of coffee after that.

Captured at the mini dog park on the top level of Serangoon Nex Shopping Mall.

Possibly the most beautiful Chow Chow (fur-wise cos essentially they all look the same) I've ever seen. I've only ever seen black and brown ones, possibly a light brownish one, similar to this one but can vaguely remember cos I think the color of the fur wasn't that uniform. Not sure if it's a male or female dog but it likes to smell other dog's ahem... a****. Nonetheless, was such a rare treat for me.

Wokie then, that's about it. Will upload more "chance" pictures in the future. Capturing beauty isn't that difficult, but finding them is!! And sorting them out on blogspot is quite the tedious task as well!!

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