Monday, March 14, 2011

Where do we go from here?

Life's been so messed up lately, it's really hard remembering the "finer things in life". Some of which I have thankfully immortalised in my iphone, but many of which, will only remain as a locked up memory. I'll leave the photos for a later post (or earlier since it will appear above this), as blogspot isn't that friendly when it comes to uploading pics amidst a thousand word essay.

Feeling extremely down in my work recently, I received some advice, actually it's more of a reminder, a common quote from a senior which really made me realise how saying the right things at the right time is so important. As I sat down waiting for my turn for enquiries, he said to me... tough times dont last, tough guys do. It was so liberating and extremely enlightening. It was so hard hitting it was almost like throwing me an oxygen line when I'm suffocating at the bottom of the ocean. That incident really made me realise how important words are, and no matter how common words are, they have the potential to make exceptional.

The recent tsunami tragedy in Japan made me reminiscence about the September 11 crisis. When I first knew of it, the news didn't quite sink in... only when days later did I come to terms with the harshness and once again, the fragility of life. That's when it was a reminder to me to live each day as its fullest. We must never live a day of regrets, the important question to ask yourself is that if tomorrow never came, would you regret how you have lived? Regardless of how miserable or "forced" we feel, ultimately we have the final choice to walk the path of our own lives.

No one's really out there to look out for you, you're just stuck with yourself. Buildings may collapse, winds may churn radioactive rain, life may throw piles of manure at you, hope may seem but an apparition to you, but even in these times, you will always be you. As long as we don't lose ourselves, buildings may rise, winds can be deflected, manure can be fertilised and hope may even bring an angel to you.

What is there to really love about life? The answer lies closest to your heart. Only with the ability to love oneself, can one be able to love others, can one be able to love another, can one be able to understand what this elusive and illusory feeling is. It may, or may not be simply a chemical reaction in the body, but just like how we cannot predict our tomorrows to turn out, we cannot predict how love will control us in future... scary... yet exciting. It almost feels as if it's another entity in your body, you don't just try to live peacefully with it, or fight against it, you just have to co-inhabit with it.

Goals and dreams in life can be confused with another from time to time, and they might even intertwine or be engulfed by each other. Think of them as the yin and yang, they must c0-exist but cannot exist in place or another. There could be more yang than yin, or vice versa. Goals might turn into dreams from time to time, whilst dreams turning into goals might not neccesarily be that easy.

There isn't really any "finer things" to talk about in this post, just a couple of idealogies which I have been exposed to owing to the recent events that have happened to me. But the next post, will be my breakthrough post because I've noticed how wordy my blog is, and have decided to finally add some "color" to it. Because beauty put into words is poetry, but beauty put into pictures, is art.

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