Monday, October 10, 2011

When the mundane gets going, the beauty starts to fade away.

Ever since I started work close to 3 months ago, my passion towards it has started to decline progressively. My satisfaction especially, it feels like "somthings/'s" just not worth it, it feels meaningless, it feels empty, I feel empty. Started coming home on time to get "things done" (not that I didn't get things done at work, but things done at work feels different somewhat), playing the guitar, watching movies, doing my magic... blah blah blah.

Well, though things might not have improved much, I've started to reach an equilibrium, an equilibrium of living to survive, vs actually living life. Today, I shall present yet another 3 wonders, "beauties" which came into my life, ever since I started to "search" for it once again... that satisfaction, that meaning which reminds me to keep living my life and not merely to survive it.

It was just like any other day, walking back from lunch with my colleagues passing through many people, many trees, many roads, many offices, many buildings. And whilst we were at Kallang Pudding Road, my colleague asked me out of the blue if I knew that a particular building was, as she pointed it out. I said, "Yup, I know. It's a Church." "Look at the unit number, isn't it interesting?"

I looked at it, and nonchalantly said, "Yeah, 60D. So?" ..... "It reads GOD!!"....
And I thought to myself, "OH MY 60D!!! How did I miss that?" I have been walking that stretch of road every day since I started work, I knew it was a Church as along, the unit number was so prominent, and yet, I failed to realize such an interesting fact!! This just shows that sometimes being observant isn't enough. The ability to connect seemingly "separate" things plays an important part in how we perceive beauty.

Everytime I got home from work, mentally exhausted, I would watch a movie or two. But it seemed that it was equally as draining, if not "meaningless". That's why my appetite for movies have dropped drastically and haven't been blogging much of them. However, I started to gravitate towards one of the my favourite past times which I was so crazily committed to a couple of years back... and behold... it is back indeed. My beloved classical guitar. The instrument which my girlfriend bought for me when we first got together. I loved playing the guitar because it relaxes me, even though I'm not good at it, and can't sing for walnuts.

Was checking out some updated songs to play since I too have been MIH (missing in hearing) from the modern music industry and came across several hidden talents online. I was flabbergasted at how nice their cover of songs were and spend an entire night (burnt some oil to stay up) browsing through them. Megan Nicole, Jason Chen, Tiffany Alvord, Cathy Nguyen.... OM60D!! Where have I been? What have Singaporeans' been missing? With all the blind publicity about the search of half-assed singers, there's actually a group of very talented singers and musicians online who would almost definitely hit straight to stardom should the media feature them.
(Cover of Perfect by Pink: Jason Chen and Cathy Nguyen) (Cover of Who Says by Selena Gomez: Megan Nichole and Tiffany Alvord) (Cover of The Lazy Song by Bruno Mars: Megan Nichole)

I've only attached the best songs sang by those talents, and apologise for any copyrights infringements if I accidentally breach them. But thought I share the vids with you. You can find all of them at youtube. Links after links of sheer music enjoyment. I take no credits for posting them, or making them, only for finding them in this "blind Singapore" that we live in.

And finally, today, when I was checking out my magic stuff online, I came across Hat Juggling. I knew of its existence, but never really did bother to check it out since Contact Juggling seemed more "relevant" to magic and looked soooo ccoooollll. But not until I came across Hat Juggling... This just opened my eyes to all the hidden talents in the world. Relating back to the singers online, I can't believe I was missing out on so much in the world. And therefore gave myself a "mission" or assignment... from now on, I shall start sharing the best of talent vids through my blog, not just to give publicity and recognition to talents like them, but to show everyone who's came across my blog, that there's just so many "beauties" in the world waiting to be
(Hat Juggling: Uncredited Russian?) (Contact Juggling: London Street Artist)

Look no more for diamonds, gems and the possibility of time travel. Look closer, look out for, and look deeper into our everyday lives. Start today, and if you choose rather to chillax at home, fret not. Because I hope to use as my blog as a window for such beauty. Oh wait, haven't I been doing that already? .....

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