Friday, November 9, 2007

The Fragility of Life (09/11/07)

I cant’s remember when, but it seems like I have lost the ability to retain stuff, memories. Perhaps it’s because I don’t want to, life should be more of dreams, than memories. At least dreams are wonderful, memories are painful… I’m not being honest here, I’m just contradicting myself. I don’t actually believe in what I wrote above, though I want to, it’s just that it seems like it’s the easier option to take.

Everyone wants to walk the easiest most simple path of life. But where would that take you? Does it take you to a place you want to go? A life you wouldn’t have regretted at your final moments in life? Recently, there has been a couple of deaths related to people I know, which inspired me to write on “the fragility of life”.

But before that, the usual “little things in life”… Have you ever witnessed the unsung heroes of Singapore coming out at night? Who are they, you may ask? They are the cleaners who clean hawker centres, pavements and every other place you’ve walked by early in the morning, on your way to take a train to wherever you need to go. They go unappreciated, like the dish collectors in all coffee shops and hawker centers. The evolution of life… In the past we used to see those old aunties and uncles clearing our dishes at coffee shops and hawker centers… Not anymore. They’re out of business, taken over by able, young and fighting fit foreigners. The aged have been phased out… wasn’t the purpose of dish collectors initially meant to create jobs for the aged?

With our policy changing… one can only doubt how true the statement of the elderly wanting to work really is. To work till we die? Is that what we Singaporeans really want? Or is it just me? Retiring as early as I can after a stable family, a stable retirement fund and enjoying life after…

I now see… how fragile life is. How easy it is to make your life worth less than it really is by people around you. Terrorism… that’s how it works. They mindf*** you into believing that your life is meant for a greater good, the sacrifice of one’s life to spend eternity in heaven with god. It sounds absurd, why would anyone be able to believe that sh*t? You would be surprised how “weak” the mind is, how “strong” the mouth is.

Hypnosis, propaganda of North Korea, Germany by Hilter etc. shows how easy it is to create an imaginary life for others. What makes you think yours is not a makeshift one? Like the movie “The Truman Show”, what if your life was just a pack of lies (which brings us back temporarily to the previous post), what if your life was just being made use of. War movies shows how vulnerable one’s life is. Everything gets ripped away from a single gun shot, a repercussion bearing from a nearby exploding grenade, a crocodile infested swamp craving for human flesh… a car accident, a plane accident, a building’s collapse, a lightning strike, what more a falling tree from a lighting strike… So many ways to equilibrate the life energy on earth.

The bottomline is, cherish your life. Live each day as if it’s your last. Cherish all those around you, everything around and never be too afraid to tell that special someone how much he/she means to you. Dejavu? Feels like your spam forward emails? Almost. Heck the “life each day as if it’s your first” philosophy if you had one, like I did. When we were young, death was never around… but when one grows older… death becomes prominent… inevitable… unpredictable. Is it fear? That overwhelms me? Or u? Perhaps… Remorse? Likely.

Time will never stop for you, but time shouldn’t be looked upon as your foe, but your friend. Time is fair, it gives equal to all… maybe not all, but to those still alive, and struggling with their lives. Maybe death comes to those who have got all they want in life. Humans may never be satisfied, but greed runs out sometimes. Sometimes, it’s just a simple and meaningful life people want. No more brain wrecking moments, no more stress over things you can’t and will never get.

I guess since we can’t control how we die, at least we can control how we live. Life was given to us easily, that’s why it’s just as easy to take it away from us. What makes you so different from anybody else? What makes your life worth more than anybody’s else for you to say “take them instead” when the grim reaper comes knocking at ur doorsteps? Just because I’m the wealthiest man in the world, or the most influential, isn’t even a good enough reason to give. This just shows that in the eyes of the highest “hierarchy”, if one believes in God… that contrary to whatever I have said, Life is worth more than life could ever “buy”.

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