Monday, December 25, 2006

More about myself and how i came about to love life

I once used to always say to my peeps "LLCLS" back in my secondary school days: LOVE LIFE COS' LIFE SUCKS, followed by changing my views on life by saying "LIFE DUN SUCK, IT'S JUST FARKED UP" back in my poly days.

Despite the negativity expressed in these 2 philosophies of mine, well, I came to understand that even though each and every one of us may or may not think that way sometime in our lives, how much we detest life, a part of us is grateful to life itself, for without that, there is no hate, love, growth, maturity and reproductivity.

I ask myself everyday, what do I really want in my life that could make me happier than where I am now. The answer was simple, always, "Nothing". I have everything in my life I could ever wished for. Family, Wealth, Health and Freedom. Well, my family is intact, I've enough money to feed myself, I'm strong enough to walk on my own and to do the things I want and I CAN do whatever I want.

Ever heard of the saying that everyday is a new beginning? Well, it is. Sometimes we tend to know stuff, hear stuff a million times, but yet, they never really dawned on us. The words never really did "penetrate" our consiousness.

Just like the irony in life whereby a love one's advice tends to be more fluid and evasive in our consiousness. A love one may have said something really life-changing to you before, but it didn't change your life until you heard it from a renowned entrepreneur instead. Well, there's a lot of ironies in life and this is the site where each and every single one of them will not be left "unturned".

Let's go slow, one at a time. Why does the bus service you're waiting for always takes forever to come especially when you're in a hurry but yet when you are not waiting for that particular bus number, it just seems to pass you every 5 minutes? Well, I've solved that mystery. That's cos our minds only focus on and remembers the times the bus did not come, not when it did. Do you remember the time when the bus service you were supposed to take comes almost immediately after stepping under the shelter of the bus stop? You can't deny that it never happened to you before, cos I'm sure it did. But what happened to that memory of yours? Simple, it "never" happened because of all the times it failed you when you were in a rush.

Just like the case whereby a wrong wrongs 10 rights; a simple mistake you commit will take away a lifetime of goodness you have strived for your whole life.

Memories don't last forever, they fade away in time and we tend to make up new memories from old ones. Don't get me wrong, it's not replacing old memories with new ones but it's changing old memories to new ones. We tend to forget the facts and create new facts in old memories that we believe did happen. So, the best way to keep your memories are always in photos, and of course, in texts like these, a dairy of some sort, a blog.

Humans don't last forever, Books may, that's why we have to study crap in this lifetime just so that we would be more educated than others. Even though knowledge cannot be completed, why then are we still learning new things every day? The more, the merrier, the more, the happier life. More money = happier life? True and not true. Another irony in life. How come something be true and not true at the same time. If something is true sometimes and not true sometimes, then what do you call it?

Some controversies in life cannot be solved, just like religion and money. Money is the root of all evil, but without money, what would life become? No one ever thinks of WHY "money is evil". They only know stop thinking at "What evil money brings". HUMANS ARE EVIL. NOT MONEY. But then again, are all humans evil? That was wat i thought, at least. Well, that's another discussion, for another time.

This post is just a kickstart to what life is, to me, and if you're wondering what happened to the "finer things in life", then your focus is wrong once more. Take every thing with a pinch of salt, never believe everything you see and always, ALWAYS doubt things, question them, but never accept them completely, because nothing in this world is "REAL" to some extend.

If you have had the patience to read thus far, then let's embark on a journey together to unveil the mysteries of life, our minds, and everything around us. True knowledge comes from experience. Let's experience LIFE together...

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